From Abstract to Concrete

Standing strong in visual design, I now focus on all elements of the user experience, including initial strategy sessions, creating personas, and researching user interactions. I am entirely comfortable in creating initial low-fidelity wireframes to delivering pixel-perfect designs. 

While most of my experience has been forged through real-life projects, I continue to educate myself with the curriculum of Apple's Don Norman (director of The Design Lab at University of California, San Diego) — the very person who coined the term "user experience".

I have working knowledge in human-centered design, social computing, and designing, running, and analyzing user experiments. 


Harry Potter: Film Wizardry 

One of my favorite projects, I art directed the app and animations with the interactive firm, Scroll Motion. Film Wizardry featured numerous hidden surprises such as Hogwart letters that could be pulled from envelopes, slideshows of artwork, and even a flying Golden Snitch.


Art of Kung Fu Panda 2 iPad app

At Insight Editions, I produced the company's first in-house companion app for the DreamWorks book that I art directed called the Art of Kung Fu Panda 2. I worked closely with the film's production designer, Raymond Zibach, to select video and artwork to bring the world of Kung Fu Panda alive in the app.


iPhone Games

I jumped into iPhone game development when I formed Frozen Giant Games with another partner. I had a whirlwind experience where I learned Maya, level design, sound effects, and all illustrations. 

FireFly Night was our first game, and received 4 out 5 stars at James Savage had this to say: 

"The beautiful animations, sound effects, and enchanting soundtrack create a wonderful atmosphere and enjoyable gaming experience."

Rednecks vs Zombies was our second baby, a 3D shooter that was a complete blast to work on. 

LIGHT MITES is my next creation, coming to iOS whenever I get my butt in gear. 

Make: magazine iPad app

This app had to tie into our subscriber database, so we decided to partner with Adobe's Digital Publishing solution as our tool suite. It allowed us to quickly bring our past and current issues to mobile, and and we started animating covers to add delight to the experience.